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Job Placement


The job placement section of the New Sun Institute of IT works for students and their careers. In addition to quality education and training, the New Sun Institute of IT employs in various IT sectors, both at home and abroad. Currently, it is not necessary to get a bachelor's degree but to acquire the required skills. Therefore, every year of education is very important and every opportunity of time is to be utilized. Currently, unemployment is a major problem in our country and our job placement section is exploring this problem and working for students. Only New Sun Institute of IT students are eligible for the Job Placement service.

Our Objectives

The main purpose of our Job Placement Cell is to help students choose the right career, to gain the right knowledge through seminar knowledge and skills acquisition.

  • Provide jobs to our skilled students in the IT industry of the country.
  • We help our skilled students choose the IT industry of their choice.

  • Internship Opportunity

    The internship is an important topic. Many people are unaware of what the corporate environment is like after getting a job so we create internship opportunities for our students so they can start their careers in a better way.

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